Chapter 23 – Engine Baffles

Chapter 23 – Engine Baffles

This page will cover the planning, construction & installation of the engine baffles.


12 September 2017 — In prep for Rough River this year, I sent a note to Mike Beasley, Long-EZ builder extraordinaire, asking if he could bring his O-320 engine baffle templates he created a few years ago.  Previously he had told me I could get a copy, so I figured now was a good time.  Mike actually had soft copies of his templates, sent me those and I immediately went down to Staples and had them printed off.

Here’s a closer shot of one Mike’s engine baffle templates.


13 September 2017 — Today, since I was on the computer upstairs updating my electrical diagrams, I took a good half hour to familiarize myself with Mike Beasley’s engine baffle templates.  I cut a few of the template pages into pieces so I could better get them organized, and after I had a decent understanding of what was going on I left them alone & headed down to the shop.


16 October 2017 — As I was getting started in the shop I heard the UPS guy drop off my VAN’s O-320 engine baffle kit.  It was another hour before I could collect it up and inventory all the parts.  I know I will have to make both the standard mods to the baffling kit (i.e. trim for EZ cowling), but I’ll specifically have a significant mod in the forward right hand corner where RVs have their oil cooler located.

Still, I’m extremely happy I got this kit since it gets me about 80% there on getting the baffles finished and installed.  (I’d like to recognize and thank Buly again for his tip to go this direction!)


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Project Update

Hi Folks,

Well, the weather is slowly warming up… and here soon I should be back in the shop to work out the finer details of making everything fit inside the cockpit, and then get onto much bigger build tasks.  I still see a very real light at the end of the tunnel for all my in-cockpit install shenanigans, and expect to be done with those in about a 2-week total time span once I get started on them again. 

I’m still working on the electrical system taskers and chipping away at them all while making decent progress.  

The past few days –while still slogging through some cold weather– I did some major upgrades to my website, specifically in regards to the electrical system pages.  There was so much info on the main electrical system page that I literally couldn’t get into it to edit it until I hacked the root directory to up the page size limit.  Thus, I broke it out into an Electrical System Part 1 (2011-2017) and a Part 2 (2018-on).  In addition, I added a number of new electrical system pages by topic (ELT, Triparagon, etc.).  I’m thinking this updated configuration should hold up until I get this airplane in the air.

Ok, seriously … having finished the vast majority of the Electrical System; Instrument panel design, install & wiring; and now very soon the Engine, I can say with very high confidence that the big build stuff is coming up fairly soon (including the wheel pants…) AFTER the weather warms up a bit.



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