Chapter 26 – Upholstery

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Project Update

Hey Guys,

Let’s review a bit of the past few months’ build shall we?  The majority of the electrical system and the instrument panel design and construction is completed. The engine was built and hung on recently-installed engine mount extrusions, firewall and engine mount. The wheel pants are DONE! The hell hole and firewall are pretty much a done deal, while the engine electronics and hosing is near finalized.  

And now –with data in hand– the engine is back off the fuselage, onto an engine stand, and pickled with preservation and aircraft oil.

Starting this week I will focus on completing the centerline airframe tasks of the nose and canopy, while still dabbling with my in-cabin install configurations to work out the finer details of make everything fit inside the cockpit.  Once the nose and canopy are finished, I will then set my sights on building the strakes.



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