N916WP Project Videos

Below are all the videos I’ve taken so far on this project.  Enjoy!

Landing Brake Test #1:


Landing Brake Test #2:


Modified Headrest:


Elevators Attached to Canard & In Action:


Fuselage Dolly in Action:


Nose Gear Actuator Test:


Installed Nose Gear & Actuator Test:


Quick Test of Landing Light Wig Wag:


Build Overview & First Nose Lift:


Water Level System – General Overview:


Taxi Light Assembly Actuator Test:


AG6 #2 Warning Annunciator Update:


New Nose Gear System Wiring Test:


Testing Gear Up & Gear Down Transit LED Indicator with new Nose Gear System:


Landing Brake Operational Test using Throttle-mounted Switch:


Vance Atkinson Pitch Trim System Install Update:


Vance Atkinson Pitch Trim System Install Configuration:


Nose mounted Tool Box Operational Test & Display:


GIB Thigh Support Fuel Sump Overview & Marble Water Flow Test:


Oil Heat System – Heat Exchanger & Heat Restrictor Valve Overview:


GIB Thigh Support Fuel Sump – Low Fuel Level Sensor Function Test:


Oil Heat System – System Overview & GIB Area Update:


Parking Brake – Testing Matco Parking Brake Valve Control Cable Function:


Forward Fuel System, Pilot Seat Area Components and Heating Ducts Update:


Instrument Panel – Overview:


Instrument Panel – Overview #2:


Instrument Panel – Overview #3:


Aircraft Electrical Wiring Tips (for Dave Berenholtz):


Mini-X Engine Info & Panel On/Off Indicators Dimmer/Push-to-Test Overview:


GIB Cabin Lighting/Map Light Circuit Function Test:


Engine Dehydrator/Dehumidifier System Overview:


Engine Mount Extrusions, Engine Mount and Hell Hole Overview:


Fuselage Dolly Conversion to Tool Bench and new Mini-Lathe Overview:


Canopy & Nose Builds Overview (+ Fuselage Move to NC):

Recent Posts

Project Update

Hi Guys,

Over the last couple of months I have been slowly hauling my Long-EZ project down to eastern shore of North Carolina, where I will be moving to within the next 2-3 months (say, late September to mid-October).

Just this past week I hauled the left wing down to NC along with a myriad of components, including the majority of the panel avionics/instruments.  The only thing of note left in Virginia, besides what’s left of the panel mockup,  is the canard, which I will of course haul down to NC on my next trip in September (I want to make a protective wood crate for it).

Conversely, I am now working full tilt on updating and prepping my house for sale.  That said, my Long-EZ build is officially on hold for a good few weeks at a minimum, and again possibly up to a couple months.  Still, I’ll reiterate that I will make every effort possible to minimize build downtime during this transition.



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