N916WP Project Videos

Below are all the videos I’ve taken so far on this project.  Enjoy!

Landing Brake Test #1:


Landing Brake Test #2:


Modified Headrest:


Elevators Attached to Canard & In Action:


Fuselage Dolly in Action:


Nose Gear Actuator Test:


Installed Nose Gear & Actuator Test:


Quick Test of Landing Light Wig Wag:


Build Overview & First Nose Lift:


Water Level System – General Overview:


Taxi Light Assembly Actuator Test:


AG6 #2 Warning Annunciator Update:


New Nose Gear System Wiring Test:


Testing Gear Up & Gear Down Transit LED Indicator with new Nose Gear System:


Landing Brake Operational Test using Throttle-mounted Switch:


Vance Atkinson Pitch Trim System Install Update:


Vance Atkinson Pitch Trim System Install Configuration:


Nose mounted Tool Box Operational Test & Display:


GIB Thigh Support Fuel Sump Overview & Marble Water Flow Test:


Oil Heat System – Heat Exchanger & Heat Restrictor Valve Overview:


GIB Thigh Support Fuel Sump – Low Fuel Level Sensor Function Test:


Oil Heat System – System Overview & GIB Area Update:


Parking Brake – Testing Matco Parking Brake Valve Control Cable Function:


Forward Fuel System, Pilot Seat Area Components and Heating Ducts Update:


Instrument Panel – Overview:


Instrument Panel – Overview #2:


Instrument Panel – Overview #3:


Aircraft Electrical Wiring Tips (for Dave Berenholtz):


Mini-X Engine Info & Panel On/Off Indicators Dimmer/Push-to-Test Overview:


GIB Cabin Lighting/Map Light Circuit Function Test:


Engine Dehydrator/Dehumidifier System Overview:


Engine Mount Extrusions, Engine Mount and Hell Hole Overview:


Fuselage Dolly Conversion to Tool Bench and new Mini-Lathe Overview:

Recent Posts

Project Update

Hi Folks,

Well, a good much of the airplane build is now resting comfortably in storage in North Carolina for the time being.  As I’ve said before, I will work hard to make this transition from Virginia to North Carolina as minimal of an impact as possible on the build completion timeline.

As for the build, the primary top structure of the nose is complete, but I will continue to meddle about in getting the front nose hatch and aft nose cover both functional and securable.  The canopy install is still pretty much at the beginning stages, and does need to be completed to a good extent since I want the canopy installed when I transport the fuselage down to NC at the very end of July.   

In lieu of the considerable progress I’ve made on the build over the past few months, I’d like to keep that going by making a good effort to spend a couple of hours a day –no more– on the build to at least realize some progress on it during the transition.

But, the reality is that I still will be putting the build pretty much on hold after this trip to focus on prepping my current house to sell.  My estimation is that I’ll be offline in my full time build efforts for a minimum of a month, and perhaps well over 2 months.  Again, I of course will make every effort possible to minimize build downtime.



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