Builders’ Sites


Marco C. (“Capt Meatballs”) – What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

Dave Berenholtz – A Long Way Round the World

Ary J. Glantz – The Long-EZ Build

Don Druckenboldt – Long EZ Upgrades

Lawrence & Rachel Smiley – On Wings of Glass

Nathan Mullins – Long Ez: Building a Dream

Projects from the Workshop of Joe Coraggio – Garaggio

Canadian Canardian – Canadian Long-EZ

John McAvoy (“Waiter”) – I Fly EZ

Nick Ugolini – Nick Ugolini’s Site

Martin – Flying Backwards

Long-EZ Aircraft – N55GR

Don Burton – Burton Long EZ 506DB

Tom’s Flight Dreams – Dreams of Flight

Bill – My Long-EZ Project

Brian Brown – Long-EZ N159BB

Rocket Boys – Panel Upgrade




James Redmon (“Berkut 13”) – Berkut 13



Wayne Hicks – Wayne Hicks’ Cozy IV Project

Cozy Girrrls – The Cozy Girrrls: “MissAdventures” in Aircraft Building

Dennis Passey – ViperEze540

MyCozyAdventure – Dream, Build, Fly!

Matt & Heather Jackson’s – Cozy MK VI


2 thoughts on “Builders’ Sites

    • Hi Don,

      Sorry for the delayed response…. I’ve been building a lot lately and my responding slipped through the cracks. Awesome upgrade project you have going on there, and I added your project as a link on my site’s builder links page!

      Good luck with the upgrade!

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