Prepping the Shop!

Shop Prep Begins!

13 March 2011 — Once I finished my fuselage mockup, and had checked & ensured that whatever specialized parts there were that I wouldn’t be able build or make would be available to buy, I started prepping the shop for the build.  The first order of business was a decent work bench along the wall.  I made this one collapsible just in case I needed more space.

Sidewall Work Bench

Sidewall (collapsible) workbench

Once I got the workbench in place, I started in on the flip-down glass cutting table.  The glass cutting table also serves as the glass roll storage cabinet.  I think it was the Cozy Girrrls who showed this on their site, along with the thermostat used to turn a light bulb on at a certain temp to keep moisture out of the glass cabinet.  I put the flip down portion of the glass table so that it would come down right next to and be even with the sidewall workbench I had just built.

Glass cutting table/Glass storage

Glass Cutting Table

Glass cutting table (fold up)






Next, I needed a hotbox to store the epoxy and hardener in when not in use.  The warmer the epoxy and hardener is, just about like every other liquid, the runnier it gets and the easier & faster it wets out the fiberglass strands in a layup.  BTW, most of the components that I made on this page were made out of scrap lumber I had laying around.

Epoxy & Hardener Hotbox

Epoxy & Hardener Hotbox

Besides the wall-mounted workbench, I wanted one that was portable and could roll around.  So I made this guy below.  It had a large enough table top to be used extensively for glassing small to medium sized pieces, and it had storage underneath.  Also, I made the top flip up and it was the perfect size for storing the plan’s A-pages (the big drawings) inside the compartment just below the flip up top.

Roll-around work bench

Roll-around - Plans storage

Besides the main 13′ long work bench (spelled out in Chapter 3), this was all there was for building the shop’s major working surfaces.

Recent Posts

Project Update

Hi Folks,

Well, I’ve met my goal to get the fuel injection servo and air induction tubes configured and installed… with the ever-present caveat that there are some minor squawks left to do before I can call it 100% final.

Since early December 2022 this is still about working on engine components configuration so that they’ll fit when installed to allow clearance with the bottom cowling. In turn, this will make it so I can dial in & finalize the bottom cowling install to then further allow me to install the upper cowling.  

With the air induction conduit built, installed and fitting (just barely!) in the bottom cowling, my new target is the exhaust pipes.  And I’ll be working that issue until I find some type of remedy.  Concurrently I am also assessing, fitting, checking and planning engine components for final install as well.

After all the airframe build tasks are completed then it will be topside micro finish for prime/paint.

Again, I have no major trips planned as of now, so from here on out I intend to focus solely on the plane for the next however long it takes to finish this bird… ASAP!  


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