Environmentally Controlled Storage Facility

12 May 2013 — A shot of the fuselage, CS spar and wings in my climate controlled storage facility (yes, my dining room).

Fuselage, CS spar and wings stored

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Project Update

Hey Guys,

As I previously mentioned, the bottom cowling is pretty much installed and squared away… with the very final installation occurring when the top cowling is installed.

Also as I noted before, over the last few weeks I have been focusing on the Hell Hole area to create a functional and usable hatch as well as install the belly RAM air scoop.  For the most part, both of these tasks are completed.  I do have to add a couple screw hardpoints to secure the RAM air scoop/hell hole hatch cover and create a bell mouth inlet at the front of the scoop (later) –but beyond these tasks, both the hell hole hatch cover and RAM air scoop are complete.

While the fuselage is inverted I’ll also press forward to knock out a number of other things, including strake-to-bottom wing intersection finishing and main gear leg-to-fuselage interface. 

I expect this bird to be inverted for another week or two before it gets flipped back upright to close out the strakes with the top skin install.

After the top strakes it will be on to the winglet/rudder install (Chapter 20).  Then engine and top cowling install, finish and prime/paint.


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