Wings Test Fit

Wings Test Fitting during “The Grand Mock-Up”

22 June 2013 — Today I pulled out all the stops . . . or should I say I pulled out all the pieces of the build so far.  Before I am separated from my project while I spend a year in the Middle East for Uncle Sam, I wanted to get an idea of what this thing looks like put all together.

So I pulled the fuselage out into the front yard, and kept it covered while I collected the other components.  After I got the CS spar & firewall in place, I added both of the wings next.

Now let me say, besides the measurements provided to me in the plans, and of course a couple dozen confirmation measurements, I had not lined up either wing with the CS Spar to confirm that the hard points (aluminum extrusions) lined up with each other.  Obviously, I was very relieved to confirm I hadn’t jacked any of my measurements up!  Also, as you can see I had to throw on at least one winglet just to get an idea of how it would look.  Although it was a little awkward to get it on the end of the wing so it looked half-way normal, I think I got in the ballpark.  Well, and of course we can’t forget the canard… yes, it’s on there too!

Long-EZ Project Mock-upChap 14/15/19/20 - CS spar-firewall-wings-wingletLong-EZ Project Mock-upLong-EZ Project Mock-upChap 19/20 - Wings & Winglet mockupLong-EZ Project Mock-up


Chap 14/19/20 - CS spar-wings-winglet

Once I got the pics above taken, now it was time to fill in what gaps I could to make it look at least a little like it had some mass to it.  Next came the engine cowlings.

Chap 19/23 - Wings & Cowling trial fittingChap 19/23 - Wing/spar & Cowling fit

Chap 19/23 - Wing/spar & Cowling fit

Long-EZ Project Mock-up

Chap 10/19/23 - Canard-Wing/spar-CowlingChap 10/19/23 - Canard-Wing/spar-Cowling

Chap 19/23 - Wing/spar & Cowling fitChap 10/19/23 - Canard-Wing/spar-Cowling

The following pic is a closer-up shot of the upper cowling & wing.

Chap 19/23 - Wing/spar & Cowling fit



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Project Update

Hi Folks,

Well, I’ve met my goal to get the fuel injection servo and air induction tubes configured and installed… with the ever-present caveat that there are some minor squawks left to do before I can call it 100% final.

Since early December 2022 this is still about working on engine components configuration so that they’ll fit when installed to allow clearance with the bottom cowling. In turn, this will make it so I can dial in & finalize the bottom cowling install to then further allow me to install the upper cowling.  

With the air induction conduit built, installed and fitting (just barely!) in the bottom cowling, my new target is the exhaust pipes.  And I’ll be working that issue until I find some type of remedy.  Concurrently I am also assessing, fitting, checking and planning engine components for final install as well.

After all the airframe build tasks are completed then it will be topside micro finish for prime/paint.

Again, I have no major trips planned as of now, so from here on out I intend to focus solely on the plane for the next however long it takes to finish this bird… ASAP!  


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