Wings Test Fit

Wings Test Fitting during “The Grand Mock-Up”

22 June 2013 — Today I pulled out all the stops . . . or should I say I pulled out all the pieces of the build so far.  Before I am separated from my project while I spend a year in the Middle East for Uncle Sam, I wanted to get an idea of what this thing looks like put all together.

So I pulled the fuselage out into the front yard, and kept it covered while I collected the other components.  After I got the CS spar & firewall in place, I added both of the wings next.

Now let me say, besides the measurements provided to me in the plans, and of course a couple dozen confirmation measurements, I had not lined up either wing with the CS Spar to confirm that the hard points (aluminum extrusions) lined up with each other.  Obviously, I was very relieved to confirm I hadn’t jacked any of my measurements up!  Also, as you can see I had to throw on at least one winglet just to get an idea of how it would look.  Although it was a little awkward to get it on the end of the wing so it looked half-way normal, I think I got in the ballpark.  Well, and of course we can’t forget the canard… yes, it’s on there too!

Long-EZ Project Mock-upChap 14/15/19/20 - CS spar-firewall-wings-wingletLong-EZ Project Mock-upLong-EZ Project Mock-upChap 19/20 - Wings & Winglet mockupLong-EZ Project Mock-up


Chap 14/19/20 - CS spar-wings-winglet

Once I got the pics above taken, now it was time to fill in what gaps I could to make it look at least a little like it had some mass to it.  Next came the engine cowlings.

Chap 19/23 - Wings & Cowling trial fittingChap 19/23 - Wing/spar & Cowling fit

Chap 19/23 - Wing/spar & Cowling fit

Long-EZ Project Mock-up

Chap 10/19/23 - Canard-Wing/spar-CowlingChap 10/19/23 - Canard-Wing/spar-Cowling

Chap 19/23 - Wing/spar & Cowling fitChap 10/19/23 - Canard-Wing/spar-Cowling

The following pic is a closer-up shot of the upper cowling & wing.

Chap 19/23 - Wing/spar & Cowling fit



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Project Update

Hi Folks,

The bird is flipped back upright!

Yes, I actually met my goal to get the bird flipped prior to Rough River 2022 (again, I’m flying back seat in Marco’s EZ for one last RR… before I fly this Long-EZ there!).

I’m back from Reno and in the few days before heading out to RR I’ll do as much as I can on the prerequisite tasks needed before closing out the strakes with the top skin install.  While out in Reno I finished linking all my YouTube build videos onto this site.  In addition, upon returning home I finished editing the video showing the bird flip back to upright.

I do intend to focus solely on the plane for the next however long it takes to finish this bird ASAP.  After the top strakes it will be on to the winglet/rudder install (Chapter 20).  Then engine and top cowling install, topside finish and prime/paint (I’ll expound on my plan as I go).


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