My Favorite Videos

Long-EZ My First Ride!

Long-EZ REVA Training

Long-EZ Patrouille REVA

Long-EZ/Vari-Eze Free and Eze with Speedy n’ 83

Long-EZ Formation Flight

Long-EZ A Beautiful Day

Long-EZ Ler Airfield, Norway

Long-EZ/VariEze flight over Golden Gate Bridge

Long-EZ N91CX cloud dancing after Steve’s VariEze

Long-EZ Flight, Hudson Valley in the Fall

Long-EZ Olympic Mountain Flight

Long-EZ N82MT missed approach & landing

Long-EZ Aerobatics

Long-EZ Aerobatics

Glass Overcast 2003-2004 Highlight Reel

Long-EZ Barrel Rolls & Loops

Long-EZ at Tatenhill

Long-EZ John Denver Accident

Long-EZ Start-up & Takeoff

Berkut One Big Rush

Spaceship Zero

Long-EZ Underwing Mount HD 720



6 thoughts on “My Favorite Videos

  1. I just got my Long-Ez, and I can’t wait to get it flying. I really like how you put together your web site. I’ve been looking at it for the last 2 day’s now.

    Matt Noe

    • Marshall,

      Thanks! Glad you like the site… a Long-EZ project is definitely a lesson in persistence, but well worth it. I say go for it!


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