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Project Update

Hi Folks,

Ok, about 3 months back into the build.  My next update I’ll probably stop tracking this point.

The canopy is pretty much finished except for the external finishing of the frame, which I’ll do with the rest of the airframe micro finishing.  I do need to dial in the canopy latch handle a bit more, have a lot of ideas from a lot of folks (thanks all!) on how to do that, and am confident it will work fine when completed.

The nose and aft nose/avionics cover install is about a week from being finished, and I have now started my transition to the strake build (Chapter 21).  I will start the strakes while concurrently finishing up the nose using the glass cure cycles of each to work on the other.

I will be out of town for Thanksgiving, which will then transition into a trip out west to visit friends and family, then a few weeks on the build in December.  

That all being said, I hope to be done with the strakes by New Years.

Again, after the strakes the final big airframe assembly will be the winglet/rudder install (Chapter 20).  


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