A fond, bittersweet farewell!

I’m back in Germany for the final push before I head off to the land of heat, sun & sand.

Well, unfortunately my moving mimics the plane build in many ways in that the name of the game for shipping my stuff back to the US to spend a year in storage is: lightweight. At least, as lightweight as possible (thus, how the move parallels my build).

I came over to Germany with a lot of wood & building materials that I wasn’t sure would be available here. Some of it was, but a lot of it wasn’t.  The bottom line for my return trip however is–just like in building my Long-EZ–if I don’t absolutely need it, then it’s getting sold or chucked.  Of course this was in my plan all along since I new as I built the various components of the Long-EZ over here that my aircraft project would be significantly heavier on the return trip.  Thus, a good majority of my shop either ended up getting sold, dumped or burned in my chimenea.

Which leads me to my Long-EZ glassing & building shoes.  These faithful troopers have been in the game since day one.  But since they’re at the end of their life cycle, and they add weight, they have to go!

Farewell faithful build shoes!  I hope your replacements do as fine a job of catching errant epoxy drops as you did!

A Bittersweet Farewell!




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