Chapter 22 – ADS-B IN Receiver

I have to say that in addition to Insight, the company that makes the Strike Finder, I’m so far quite impressed with the folks at Radenna who offer a line of SkyRadar ADS-B Receivers.  Back in early January when I purchased their latest ADS-B receiver, the SkyRadar-DX, they stated they would be shipping on March 20th, and they did exactly that!

The DX model is different from the previous SkyRadar ADS-B receiver models in that it offers WiFi (Apple, Windows & Android compatible) with attitude indicator (PFD) information displayed over the WiFi channel.  Of course the standard ADS-B info, traffic and NEXRAD weather, is transmitted to wireless devices as well.  Like the SkyRadar-D, one nice thing about this unit is that it receives both 978 and 1090 MHz signals.

The wireless is a bonus since the primary operation of this system will be via a USB connection between the ADS-B receiver and the GRT EFIS, so all ADS-B info will be available on the EFIS screen.

Also, remember that the ADS-B receiver is only one half of the ADS-B equation, in that to fully utilize all that ADS-B has to offer a Mode-S transponder must be used as well.  I’ll be using Trig’s TT-22 mode-S transponder that will be remotely mounted behind the panel and controlled through either of my GRT displays.

So without further ado, here are some pics of my new ADS-B Receiver.

Chap 22 - SkyRadar-DX ADS-B ReceiverChap 22 - Radenna Dual-channel ADS-B ReceiverChap 22 - SkyRadar-DX ADS-B ReceiverChap 22 - SkyRadar ADS-B Antennas & GPS PuckChap 22 - SkyRadar ADS-B Antennas & GPS Puck

To watch a short YouTube video showing the setup of the SkyRadar-DX ADS-B Receiver click here.
For a longer 10 min video showing the moving map & traffic features click here.
To see the SkyRadar NEXRAD weather in action check out the short video below:


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