Chapter 22 – ADS-B Receiver

In looking back over my notes I failed to post this in the correct order.

So the plan right now is to definitely have full ADS-B by using the Trig S-mode Transponder and a capable ADS-B receiver to provide that capability.  I have to say that one thing I really like from the GRT folks is they tend to play nice with others, this means options.  On GRT’s page where they discuss the various ADS-B receivers that will integrate nicely with their EFIS systems, they provide some pretty good info.  Of course, I original set my sights on the Navworx ADS-600B, but after looking at & assessing my actual bottom line requirements I decided that if I am going to have enough funds available to get this bird in the air within the next 10 years, I better forego the almost $2600 receiver and get a little more pragmatic (my primary goals were to have an ADS-B receiver that would integrate with my Trig S-mode transponder, display weather & traffic data on both my EFIS display and iPad, and meet the FAA’s 2020 ADS-B requirements).

Enter Radenna’s SkyRadar ADS-B Receiver.  Although at first glance the SkyRadar seemed to be nothing more than a portable receiver, as I looked at it more and more it seemed to be a very capable receiver.  And, as with the many components I’m looking at or have bought, a number of the RV drivers give the SkyRadar enthusiastic thumbs ups. So, the SkyRadar went on the list as the most likely candidate that I would purchase in the future for my ADS-B receiver.

Chapter 22 - Skyradar-DX ADS-B Receiver

You may be asking, “What happened?”  Well, if the recent past tells you anything, then you’ll know that I’m cheap… and in being cheap I refer back to my oft cited mantra that sometimes you’ve got to spend money to save money!  Ok, the bottom line is I went to Radenna’s website to confirm some info on the SkyRadar-D, when lo & behold they had just come out with the SkyRadar-DX . . . which includes a built-in AHRS!  Moreover, they [are having] a sale where the first 50 buyers get $200 off the price that the SkyRadar-D normally sells for (the offer appears to still be going on!).  So, after a few hours of conformational research to ensure this was in fact the ADS-B receiver I wanted, I pulled the trigger.

So here’s the info on this device:

SkyRadar-DX Dual Band Receiver with Built-In AHRS

Key features:

  • SkyRadar-DX’s operating frequencies are 978MHz and 1090MHz and the latter conforms to DO-260 standard.
  • 5Hz GPS receiver
  • Artificial Horizon Information
  • Output data over Wi-Fi network (multiple displays can be connected)
  • Operates as Wi-Fi Access Point
  • USB high speed serial port output
  • Input voltage 11-36 volts
  • Power consumption less than 5 watts

The SkyRadar Receiver contains the following major components:

  • UAT receiver tuned to receive and process ADS-B data
  • High accuracy GPS module
  • WiFi module transmitting data to iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

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