Chapter 22 – More Instrument Panel

Thought I’d show a couple more of my Instrument Panel machinations.  The first one below shows the real deal with the iPad Mini fired up with FlyQ EFB from AOPA, and my Android phone with the GRT app showing the Bluetooth wireless COM radio control function.

Chap 22 - Instrument PanelThe next picture shows my throwing the big 10.4″ HXr screen PFD back onto the panel to assess how it will fit.  A number of other items are on the panel to see if they fit, not necessarily in the location they’ll end up.  I also swapped out the Garmin GNS430W with the Garmin GTN650 (my actual panel is about 0.7″ higher than this one at the top middle, so even thought it looks like I’ve run out room, there still some more wiggle room left up along the top curve).

Chap 22 - Instrument Panel



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