Chapter 22 – Time for lace!

Wire lace that is!

Today I started off by performing some slight of hand that, quite honestly, at this point & time I don’t remember quite how I found this out.  I do remember the originator of this idea gave some specifics, which was basically purchasing a stainless steel bathtub handle that includes some requisite flanges that magically allows it to be turned into a firewall pass-thru for electrical wiring.

The trick is rather simple, extricate the amount of tube and flange from the handle grip section, and Voila, you’ve got yourself a mountable stainless steel firewall pass-thru with approximately 1.1″ ID.

And here it is after I performed my magic (with a Dremel Tool cutoff wheel).

And another shot. As you can see, I wanted just enough were I could mount a length of fire sleeve around the outside of the tube and secure it with a hose clamp.

The next item on my list that I accomplished was to relabel the power busses upon where I had mixed up the connection assignments to move my IBBS from the main bus to the E-Bus.

Speaking of moving the IBBS to the E-Bus, I then spent a bit of time responding to some forum posts in my attempt to figure out a good auto-cutoff for the IBBS charging circuit when I flipped the switch to activate the SD-8.  I have to say that I am very grateful for the information that I have received from the Aeroelectric Connection forum, but it’s not without aggravation or a cost of time.  Questions asked about specifics often result in your entire system architecture getting thrown into a court of public opinion based upon mere speculations of what you have or don’t have component and/or system design-wise.  In short, my question was answered only as to the negative for why it shouldn’t be done (which is something of note)…. but when it came to providing a way of how to do it, the unwarranted recommendations of upgrading to a larger battery, ridding myself of an “unneeded” IBBS, etc. became too much and I shut down the discussion.

I then moved on to try my hand at something I have not yet done on this build, or ever quite frankly: wire lacing.  I started this journey by removing the Mini-X wiring harness to use it as my first guinea pig.

Here are a couple of shots at my first attempt at wire lacing.  Not bad I’d say, and it definitely will do the job.

The next items on my list were to trim and terminate the ground wire to the EIS4000 and then power up the unit to enter in the fuel flow software enabling codes that I received from GRT the other day. I started by extricating the black ground wire from the EIS wiring harness bundle.

I then trimmed the ground wire much shorter.

I then stripped the end and terminated it with a D-Sub pin.  This is all an effort to mitigate the long ground wire runs to the Hell Hole from the D-Deck/GIB headrest area and consolidate all these grounds at the new G6 ground bus that I just constructed.

I then hooked up the EIS4000 to 12V power . . .

and then fired it up.  I then proceeded to double check all the settings to ensure that they were zeroed out.  When I hit the 2 separate screens that required the discreet codes from GRT to enable the fuel flow meter, I entered in the codes.  I then did one more double check to ensure I got everything inputed correctly and then powered down the unit.

With that brief respite out of the way, I then went back to the panel mock up and removed the GRT HXr EFIS wiring harnesses.  On the B connector I relabeled a couple of the wires and then terminated and added a new wire.  Besides relabeling a couple of the wires used for the auxiliary analog ports, the new wire I just added is a cross connection between the HXr and the Triparagon-mounted J4 jack for the last unused HXr analog port… just in case I want to use that spare port for something later on in the future.

I then cable laced the first leg of the HXr wiring harness.

And then eventually got through all the separate legs of the HXr wiring harness, before finally bringing them altogether as much as I could in one grouping.

Here’s another shot of my last official task of the evening: cable lacing the HXr wiring harness.

Since tonight was Super Bowl Sunday, I took a few hours off to go down to a local watering hole and watch the game.


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