Chapter 8 – Rollover Assembly

Well, this will definitely be my last post for 2012 . . . it’s been a very busy year for this airplane build.  Hopefully 2013 will be just as productive!

I’ve been playing around with the design for my rollover assembly.  I’m looking to take a welding course while I’m in Tampa to focus on TIG (I already own Stick & MIG welders and have welded a fair amount) & possibly the EAA TIG welding workshop in Georgia.

In the meantime, as I mentioned I’ve been working through different designs on my rollover assembly, which I’ve included some scribblings on it below:

Chap 8 - Rollover AssemblyThis is certainly not the final design I’m sure, but it gets me moving in the right direction and thinking about it.

Happy New Years!

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