ECi IOX-340S (strokered) Engine

ECi/Superior IOX-340S (Strokered IO-320)


  •       Lycoming -D3G Crankcase, ECi IOX-340S Crankshaft & Camshaft
  •       Superior Nickel+Carbide Cylinders with 2 x 18mm spark plugs
  •       9.5:1 Compression Pistons
  •       Superior 90-degree Oil Filter Adapter
  •       Airflow Systems 2006X 13-Row Oil Cooler
  •       Superior Cold Air Induction Sump
  •       B&C Lightweight Starter
  •       B&C Lightweight 40-Amp Alternator
  •       B&C SD-8 backup alternator (on vacuum pump pad)
  •       P-MAG Electronic Ignition
  •       Electroair Electronic Ignition
  •       Rod Bower Ram Air Induction System
  •       Silver Hawk Fuel Injection System
  •       Custom Aircraft Parts Inside Cowl 4-pipe Exhaust System (modified)
  •       High Pressure Mechanical Fuel Pump
  •       Hertzler Silver Bullet propeller
  •       Saber Manufacturing 8-inch Prop Extension
  •       Saber Crush Plate & Prop Bolts with Belleville Washers
  •       Cozy Girrrl Engine Mount


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