Electrical System & Lights

For the electrical system I’ve read and re-read Bob Nuckolls’ book, The AeroElectric Connection, and applied a ton of Bob’s mojo into my system architecture.  In addition, I spent a lot of time discussing it with my ‘Electrical Systems Mentor,’ Eric Jones, who has a lot of cool, unique and—IMO—necessary electrical system products at Perihelion Design.

I’ll be utilizing Bob’s Z-13/8 dual-layer architecture (Main Bus & Endurance [back-up] Bus), while leaning towards his original precursor to that architecture: the Z-8.  The Z-8 simply uses more traditional components (for example: an aircraft voltage regulator with built-in overvoltage protection versus a Ford auto voltage regulator requiring an external overvoltage module) rather than slightly more, shall we say, eccentric or esoteric components.

14V Electrical System utilizing a Z-13/8, 4-bus architecture:

  •         4 Busses: Main Bus, E-Bus, Battery Bus, X-Bus (ATC fuse blocks)
  •         Battery Bus to E-Bus B&C S704-1 Relay
  •         Super Schottky Diode (Main Bus to E-Bus feed)
  •         Tyco Circuit Breakers x 5
  •         B&C “Forest-of-Tabs” Grounding Bus x 2
  •         Avionics Ground Bus (Aeroelectric)
  •         Odyssey PC680 16 AH Battery
  •         LRC-14 14V B&C Voltage Regulator
  •         Gigavac GX-11 Master Battery Contactor
  •         Lamar Super Switch SS1-POS Solid State Starter Contactor
  •         8A B&C SD-8 Backup Alternator
  •         B&C Lightweight Starter
  •         40A L40 B&C Alternator
  •         TCW IBBS battery backup system – 3AH
  •         Buly Oil Pump for Oil Heat System


  •         AeroLEDs Sunray Plus Landing Light (nose)
  •         Soraa MR16 11.5W Dimmable LED 20° Narrow Flood Taxi Light (Nose)
  •         AeroLEDs Pulsar NAV/Position/Strobe Wing Lights
  •         AeroLEDs Microsun Wigwag/Taxi Lights (wings)
  •         Pilot Map Light
  •         GIB Map Light
  •         Instrument Panel Lighting (Blue LED Panel Lights)
  •         LED Lights Dimmer Switch



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