Builders’ Info:

Rutan canard aircraft Enthusiasts –

Canard Pusher Newsletters CP’s

Bob Nuckolls – AeroElectric Connection

Marc J. Zeitlin – The UNOFFICIAL COZY Builders Website

Marc J. Zeitlin – 2011 Oshkosh Cozy Forum: Soup to Nuts

Canard Aviation – Canard Information and Forum

Gary Hunter – Do’s & Don’ts of Epoxy Resin

West System – Vacuum Bagging Techniques

Terry Schubert – Flow Visualization Aids Drag Reduction

Hanging an Engine – Illustrated Guide to Engine Hanging

Building an ECi Engine – Step-by-step Overview of Rebuilding an Engine 

Thomas Mann – Retractable Heated Pitot Tube

Van’s Air Force – VAN’s Forum


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