My first Long-EZ ride!

Yes, it may sound a little crazy or unbelievable, but I have been building my Long-EZ for over 5 years now and have never actually flown in one until this past week!  The timing actually worked out in the grand scheme of things.  If tried a bit last year at Rough River to get a ride but never actually did.  When my buddy Marco bought his Terry Lamb-built Long-EZ a couple of months ago (a beautiful airplane), he had to A) learn to fly it, then B) fly off 10 hours before he could fly passengers in it, thus satisfying the insurance companies demands.  Last Sunday (7 Aug) he finished his 10 hours, and due to both our schedules, the only time I could fly with him in the near future was Monday, 8 August.  So I scooted down to Marco’s Sunday evening, we flew Monday, then I returned back to the DC area Tuesday.  I headed straight to the airport to pick up yet another out-of-town visitor!

I have to say that while flying the Long-EZ for the first time was a blast (albeit from the back seat), it was also a bit anti-climatic.  The tales and yarns of how difficult and unique this bird is to fly seem to be a bit over-dramatized and exaggerated, and I’m not sure why. This plane is a pleasure to fly and it handles very well.  Of course, the overarching impact of my personal historic first Long-EZ flight is that I am incredibly motivated to get my bird built and in the sky!

I hope you enjoy the video!  Cheers.

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