New Canopy Arrives!

Today I went down to a freight terminal 40 miles south of my house to pick up my new canopy that Todd Silver sent out last week.  Todd had shipped out the canopy in hopes of getting a look at the canopy mocked up on my fuselage when he stopped through town as part of a multi-state canopy install tour that he was on.  Unfortunately, Todd stopped by last night (Tuesday evening), but since I had originally received an estimated delivery for Wednesday (today), that’s when I picked up the canopy.

New Canopy

Canopy - SecuredCanopy - with plate!Canopy Overhead Shot

Here’s a shot of the new canopy that Todd had hoped to see!

New Canopy Profile

As you can see by the pic above, the new canopy’s profile is excellent and the dimensions are spot on.  I am VERY happy with this canopy!



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