The NOT Sexy Part of Building

. . . . Ah, but oh so necessary.

Today I finally finished logging all of my receipts & invoices into my Project Receipt & Invoice Binder.  Yes, true, it’s NOT building!  But this was one of those things I needed to get done for my peace of mind.  And, practically, so I wouldn’t re/order stuff I already had on hand.

With my moves literally all around the world starting within just a few months after I started this project (2011), and having had consistently sent parts orders to materiel pre-deployment sites (aka “friends’ houses”) in numerous locales around the US mid-Atlantic region while OCONUS, I needed to get the associated receipts and invoices FINALLY logged in my tracking spreadsheet and physically into one location.  So I repurposed this binder, and voila!  And after a few weeks of pecking away at it a few hours at a time . . . I’m DONE!

Receipt & Invoice Binder

I also had an extra Table of Contents page so I threw that in the front of the binder just to class it up a bit.

Receipt & Invoice Binder

Alright . . .  I have about 20 packets of hardware to stow away in the right bins and then I’m complete with all the electrical system stuff, this administrivia crap, and inventorying all the nit-noy hardware and getting it put away.

Thus, over the next few days I WILL BE starting on the shop to get that organized and back into build mode!

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