My initial plan for building an experimental homebuilt was to build a Glastar.  This was before I went to an EAA Workshop in Chesapeake, VA and was exposed to a bunch of new information (to me) on the Long-EZ.  I began to ponder (quickly) and seriously consider the Long-EZ, so I reviewed the plans, scrutinizing Chapter 2’s Bill of Materials to ensure I could procure and/or make all the materials, components, hardware and tools I would need to build the Long-EZ.  Finally, once I decided to build the Long-EZ, I reviewed Chapter 3 a number of times over and prepped my shop and equipment.  I also set up an initial MS Excel spreadsheet to track my planned purchases, phase & prioritize my purchases, and then track what I had purchased (more on this in Planning & Prep, and Documents).

In the Virginia phase, the build order follows the plan’s chapter order:

• Chapter 3 – Preparation (Education)

• Chapter 4 – Bulkheads

• Chapter 5 – Fuselage Sides

• Chapter 6 Part 1 – Fuselage Assembly (not completed)


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