Chapter 23 – Engine Electronic Ignition

Well, I understand that I’ve pretty much gotten into the same mode that I was in Tampa, in that I’m merely laundry listing out all the components that I’m allocating for the build.  But trust me, I’d much rather be reporting on progress being made on the actual build.  Here in the near future, as I get closer to finalizing my electrical system, I will try to find a way to transfer it from CAD into maybe a PDF format to post on the site.

Being deployed for a year has given me quite a bit of time to hash & re-hash my component choices ad nauseum.  I’ve been able cross check my decisions, talk to some real gurus and hear & read arguments both for & against various parts & components.

My latest final decision was what electronic ignition system I was going to go with.  I’ve had reports from a number of friends & builders, and scoured the forums to finally come to my decision.  I also spent hours at each booth during SNF13 to figure this out.  In fact, before they closed their doors, I had spent a fair amount of time on the phone with the guys at Mattituck Engines discussing electronic ignition systems for experimental engines.  My final decision for my ignition system is an Electroair on one side paired with a Slick magneto on the other.

Chap 23 - Electroair Electronic Ignition

And although it may sound silly or incompatible to some, after a discussion with a few engine gurus I’m holding out the option (and will research) in the future to replace the Slick mag with a PMag.


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