Chap 8 – Ugly Welds R’ Us!

I started today by making a template for the outboard edge of each side rail.  I simply used a piece of tracing paper on each side and traced the outer edge just inboard of the longeron (one of the cool things about MGS is that it cures CLEAR).

Side rail edge template

I taped the tracing paper on each end and then drew the outline with a pencil.

Side rail edge template

Below are the side rail outboard edge outlines for each side.

Side rail edge templates

I taped the paper templates to their respective side rails & marked the outline.

Left side rail edge template

Then I prepped the right side rail first to cut.

Cutting side rail edge

Below is the right side rail installed after I trimmed the outboard edge to match the profile of the longeron below it.  I also hacked off the aft triangular jut-out, a leftover from the extension I added to the side rail yesterday.  You can see how the extension now more than covers the entire width of the longeron aft of the seat (it gets trimmed below).

Right side rail edge cut

And then I did the same with the left side rail.

Left side rail edge cut

Here’s a quick shot showing the progress of the side rails up to this point.

Side rails' outer edges trimmed

Next, I fitted the right side rail’s inboard side-longeron piece (that I made yesterday) and marked up the intersecting line on the top side rail piece extension (that I also added yesterday).  I transferred the cut line on the bottom side of the side rail extension to the top & then cut it.  I then did the same for the left side.

Cutting inboard aft side rail

Here’s the left side showing the top side rail extension piece cut & matched to the inboard side-longeron piece.

Left inboard aft side rail

I then prepped the right side rail extension piece to weld to the longeron side-piece.

Right inboard aft side rail

Right longeron side-piece tack welded.

Welding right inboard aft side rail

Right side rail.

Right inboard aft side rail welded

Left side rail prepped for welding.


Left side rail tack welded.

Welding left inboard aft side rail

Left side rail welded.

Left inboard aft side rail welded

Left side rail.

Left inboard aft side rail

Right side rail front extension piece.

Lower extension front right side rail

I’ll be adding a 4″ reinforcement plate to the front side of the side rail.  To keep any potential corrosion at bay, I sprayed the metal that I’ll be welding this plate to with weldable primer.

Applying weldable PrimerHere are both side rails prepped with weldable primer in the area that will receive the forward reinforcement plate.

Weldable primer applied

Speaking of the front reinforcement plate, here are the three 3/4″ x 4″ strips that I’ll weld to make up these 2 plates.

Forward side rail reinforcement

Once welded, I’ll cut the new plate down the center to create 2 plates 4″ long by about 1-1/8″ wide.

Forward side rail reinforcement



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