Chapter 14 – Das Spar ist Kaput!!!

I started off today by lightly sanding the CS spar to remove all the excess epoxy that was all over the outer skin of the spar from the various layups & me handling it with sticky gloves at times.

Chap 14 - CS Spar Final Sanding

Once I finished sanding it, I vacuumed the entire spar, inside & out.

I threw a piece of scrap wood in as a support strut underneath the garage door crossbar & then attached a hanging “fish” scale to weigh the spar.

Chap 14 - Weighing CS SparChap 14 - Weighing CS Spar

Mike Melvill, in CP 25 (maybe 26?) listed out the weights of his Long-EZ components.  His CS spar was 29.5 lbs.  So my spar is about 2.5 lbs heavier than his.  Not bad, especially since I used the heavier blue foam.  But I did use the new UNI layup as well, so it should have probably equalled out.  Oh well, one thing I definitely didn’t have helping me out were the Aliens that obviously he, Burt & Dick had helping them out! . . . ‘cuz their low build weights are definitely alien to me! yuk, yuk!

I’ll comfort myself with a quote that is oft heard in the US military, and oddly enough was actually credited to Soviet Admiral Sergei Georgievich Gorshkov:

“Perfect is the enemy of good enough”

(Yes, it’s come down to me quoting Soviet Admirals to justify my shoddy workmanship!  Ironic? Or just time for me to take a break from building?!  ha!)

Chap 14 - Weighing CS SparChap 14 - Weighing CS SparChap 14 - Weighing CS Spar



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