Chapter 17 – Atkinson Pitch Trim

My buddy Marco finally received the Motion Systems Actuator that I ordered from them at the beginning of May.  All reports from Marco are the fit & finish are excellent.  We’ll most likely have to play around with various spring tensions to lock in the operating parameters for our respective Long-EZs, but of course fine-tuning is expected on any pitch trim system install.

Here are some excellent shots of my completed Vance Atkinson EZ Electric Trim System. Of course the credit goes to both Vance who designed & perfected the system, and Marco who built it to perfection using the plans Vance & other builders supplied us.

Chap 17 - Atkinson Pitch TrimChap 17 - Atkinson Pitch TrimChap 17 - Atkinson Pitch Trim

Although I have yet to actually test this system yet, I am incredibly pleased & excited to be using this pitch trim system in my bird.  My initial thought is that it was definitely the right choice.

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