Chapter 18 – Turtledeck Check

As I get my “sea legs” underneath me, moving back into the realm of airplane building, I both want to get some low hanging fruit knocked out as I also assess my plan of action.

One thing I’ve really needed to do was to crack open the engine electrical components’ compartment (AKA: “GIB headrest”) to check for any corrosion from the many miles of road traveling this fuselage has done, and also its sitting inside non-temp controlled facilities during two different storms.

My #2 reason for cracking open the GIB headrest compartment is that you’ll note it is supposed to be attached in place by 4 CAMLOCs…. the upper 2 being MIA. That was simply because I had all 4 of the same length, but the top two needed to be just a tad longer. I had them on hand before I moved, but . . .

… the upper faceplate through-holes were too small {blue arrows}. I finally got around to using the Dremel Tool with a small sanding drum to widen each hole by about 0.050-0.070″ in diameter, at which point the CAMLOCs fit through and into their respective receptacles nicely.

Also note: although there was a bit of dust inside the compartment looked nice and clean with no noticeable corrosion anywhere.

And here we have the upper CAMLOCs in place, making the GIB headrest compartment plate attachment official ….

Task complete . . . moving on!

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