Chapter 21 – Newton Fuel Caps

I got a note from fellow Long-EZ builder Brian Ashton from Alaska asking a question about my fuel caps that I mentioned in a post on acquiring fuel cap keys from ACS for these caps.  Well, to answer Brian’s question I had to go back and do a bit of research on my own fuel caps.  Turns out, I was remiss in ever actually posting anything about my fuel caps, so I am doing that now to correct my oversight!

Way back in May 2012 –after a back & forth discussion with a builder that decided he wasn’t going to use these caps anymore– I bought these Newton fuel caps on Ebay.

These are the locking style caps as you can see in the pic below.

I was looking for the Newton A36LFF style caps with the solid flange vs. the flange that has bolt holes around the perimeter for attachment.  I believe these are slightly different than the A36LFF in that the flanges on these are simply sans holes, while if I’m correct the actual A36LFF has a raised lip around the cap and a slightly lower flange to allow it to be glassed in place.

Below is a shot of the interior side of the fuel cap.

And a shot of the retaining flange, underside.

I definitely remember for the price that I would make this configuration work since the pair of these caps were way less than buying just one A36LFF cap from ACS!  Plus, the flange showing on the external fuel tank surface versus just the cap peeking out is much more visually appealing to me.  I understand the issues of securing it, and I have an idea or two that will keep these guys in place.

One cap does have a couple of very light scratches (which I believe will happen over time anyway) and I’ll make a point that while these have a goldish appearance in all these pics (from the original seller) they in fact have the normal fuel cap silver aluminum finish.

Ok, with the mystery of the missing fuel caps taken care of, I’ll press on!


4 thoughts on “Chapter 21 – Newton Fuel Caps

    • Wade,
      I am about to bite the bullet and buy a pair of Newton A36LFF caps from Spruce and am confused about something: Are the caps with retaining flange all that is needed, or is there a need for a separate filler neck as well?
      Thanks Wade

      • Hi Ron,

        There is no need for a separate filler neck, it’s part of the flange piece of the cap. With the other piece being the actual center cap.

        That being said, be advised that there are 3 viable different versions of this cap for canards. Many builders use the model that only has a small raised flange around the neck, maybe 0.050 thick and about the same height. It’s made to cover the wider outer flange ring of the cap with glass so that only the cap itself, with that small lip on the side, is visible. Somewhat different than mine which will have a wide aluminum flange around the removable center cap.

        Also, I believe Mike Melvill used a cap that actually had countersunk screw holes around the wider retaining flange portion of the cap.

        All up to your taste of fuel cap of course.


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