Chapter 22/24 – Bits ‘n pieces

I ran a bunch of errands today so didn’t get around to the plane build until early evening.

I started off by reviewing what I had done before I left for the Thanksgiving break.  I then trimmed the 0.040″ thick 2024 plate that makes up the 3-lever air/heater console that is positioned mid-point on the left armrest.  I used the Dremel tool to notch the inboard corners of the plate to allow clearance for the left armrest’s inside corner fillet.

After getting the inboard side of the plate trimmed up, I then notched the plate on the outboard side to clear the armrest’s sidewall mounting bracket.

I then took the plate upstairs, along with my 3-lever plate template to measure and assess the knobs that will cap off the top of each lever.  I bought the really cheap knobs below off of Ebay, but they’re a little long.  I think I’ve found a source for some automotive heating knobs that might better fit the bill.  I’ll assess those and possible get a few in to evaluate.

Tomorrow I plan on getting a significant amount of work done in the shop, but again, there’s only a few weeks before Christmas, so the holiday season will certainly take its toll on this build.



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