Chapter 22 – Electrical Subsystems Wire Books

In the past week I’ve completed a few more wiring diagram pages for my wiring book: the Electroair electronic ignition, the P-MAG ignition and the Engine Info System (GRT EIS4000).  In addition, I took quite a few hours to sit down to figure out what components I needed for my Manifold Pressure & Vacuum system design.  In the pic below I show the 3 newly completed wiring diagrams and my hack PowerPoint diagram that I made to keep track of all the bits n pieces required to build the Manifold Pressure system.

Chap 22 - Electrical & Chap 23 - Engine

Here is a shot of my Engine Info Management wiring diagram page:

Chap 22 -Electrical System

Along with knocking out some wiring diagrams, I also added a couple more diagrams to the list of subsystem diagram pages for the Wiring Book.  I broke out the Starting system to its own page, and to keep track of all the wiring and to have a holistic, systemic, wire-focused (vs component-focused) view of my system, I added a Components Interconnect page.  Below is the updated list that I shared last week (again, green denotes completed or mature, yellow is currently being worked):

Z.  Z-13/8 Electrical System
–    Switch Configuration
1.  Panel Components
2.  Radio & audio system
3.  Main Bus
4.  Batt Bus
5.  E-Bus
6.  Nose Gear
7.  Pitch & Roll Trim Systems
8.  Lights: LDG, TAXI, NAV, STROBE
9.  Engine Info Management
10. Fuel System
11. Cockpit Lighting
12. Landing Brake
13. Throttle Switches
14. Control Stick Wiring
15. Integrated Back-up Battery System
16. Alarm & Warning Systems
17. Charging System
18. Heater System
19. Electronic Ignition
20. P-Mag Ignition
21. Component Interconnects
22. Starting System

Here is a shot of my professional quality PowerPoint (ha!) showing my Manifold Pressure system design:

Chap 23 - Manifold Pressure System



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