Chapter 22 – Instrument Panel

Over the past few months I’ve been going round and round on my Instrument Panel layout. I’ve researched a myriad of instruments & avionics, built matrices to compare various components–from clocks to autopilots–and am slowly getting a picture of WHAT components are going on the panel, maybe just not exactly WHERE the components will go on the panel.  Of course, since I’ve been working on my electrical system, current draw, integration, weight and cost have all been factors in the panel plan as well.

Moreover, a  lot of the panel layout will be based on ergonomics, which of course requires me actually sitting in the cockpit making airplane noises before I decide on my final configuration.

Still, I thought I would post a few pics (out of MANY) of my proposed panel options.

Chapter 22 - Instrument Panel LayoutChapter 22 - Instrument Panel LayoutChapter 22 - Instrument Panel LayoutChapter 22 - Instrument Panel Layout

Again, my panel is currently an ever-changing storyboard.  For the most part, the avionics and instruments are what I’m planning to go with presently, but as time moves on & new technologies and/or opportunities (e.g. the TruTrak ADI) present themselves the panel design can of course easily be updated.

Finally, one point of note.  My panel cutout is about 0.7″ shorter in height than my real panel, so in reality I have a little bit more wiggle room to play with when stuffing various electrowhizzies onto the panel . . .  if it all fits on my mock up.


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