Chapter 22 – More Electrical Subsystem Diagrams

As I said in my last post, I’ve been really busy trying to get everything in order to relocate out of the Middle East back to the States.  I’ll be visiting family on the west coast for a couple of weeks when I get back, so I’m trying to set-up all my travels once I get back as well.

I was able to do a fair amount of work on my Electrical Subsystem Diagrams, and I added a few more to the list.  Unfortunately I haven’t had time to take any pics of them.  Here is the new updated list nonetheless:

Z.  Z-13/8 Electrical System
–    Switch Configuration
1.  Panel Components
1.1 Panel Components Power
2.  Radio & audio system
3.  Main Bus
4.  Batt Bus
5.  E-Bus
6.  Nose Gear
7.  Pitch & Roll Trim Systems
8.  Lights: LDG, TAXI, NAV, STROBE
9.  Engine Info Management
10. Fuel System
11. Cockpit Lighting
12. Landing Brake
13. Throttle Switches
14. Control Stick Wiring
15. Integrated Back-up Battery System
16. Alarm & Warning Systems
17. Charging System
18. Heater System
19. Electronic Ignition
20. P-Mag Ignition
21. Component Connections
22. Starting System
23. Panel, Battery & Avionics Grounds
24. Cockpit, Firewall & Engine Grounds
25. Heated Pitot Tube
26. Trio Autopilot
27. ELT
28. Connectors/Pin IDs
30. Long Wire Runs

This will probably be my last update on these Electrical System Subsystems for a while.  I should get back into the swing of things on the build starting early to mid-August when I’m settled back in my house in Northern Virginia.


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