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Hey Folks!  I found some old pics off my cell phone from Germany and am not quite sure if I posted them previously or not.  Yes, I’m being lazy right now by not going back to look through my myriad of posts to see if they were previously posted or not.  My excuse is that I’m in a mad rush to get everything wrapped up here because I’ll be leaving the Middle East in a few weeks and have a ton of non-build related stuff to get through to get out of here on time in early July.  I’ve got another assignment to the Pentagon and will be heading back to the States sometime in early July.

So here goes.  Some are a bit blurry, but I included them anyway.  Again, these are all build pics from Germany.  A number of them show the assemblies in storage in my Climate Controlled Storage Facility (again, my house… hehe!)

Chap 7 - FuselageChap 11 - Elevators

Chap 10 - Canard

Chaps 19 & 14 - Wings & CS SparChap 20 - Winglets

As oddly as it sounds, I’m going to title the picture below: “Why Microsoft Sucks!”

Normally I use Google Chrome as my browser, but it had uncharacteristically locked up on me, so I opened IE to build this post.  This is the first time I’ve used IE to create a post in probably 6 months.  And I couldn’t even get one post loaded without issues.  I had created this post in it’s entirety, but then when I saved it to go live on my site, it only saved from the first two pics up.  So I guess this post helps support the adage that 40% of work is rework.

Now, (back on Google Chrome) this pic below is a crude drawing that I made on my whiteboard at work since the folks that worked for me would ask me almost daily as to the progress of the plane building project.  This was long before I built this web site, so I would color in the completed components in blue, and would use this crude diagram to answer any questions they had.  I would guess that this pic was taken circa late August-early September 2012 since the CS Spar wasn’t completed yet.

Long-EZ Build Progress Tracker Cheers!

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