Chapter 22 – Taking a break…

Today I started out studying for my Instrument Pilot’s rating for a number of hours before I hit a serious wall.  My brain was mush so I rationalized spending a few hours on getting my AG6 programming data organized.  I consolidated all the programming parameters onto one sheet per AG6 (they’re labeled AG6A & AG6B), printed them off and stuck them in my Electrical Wire Book right behind Wiring Diagram #18: AG6 Warning Annunciators.

AG6-A & AG6-B programming pages

Since I still had the electrical leads connected to AG6 #2 (AG6B), I decided to go ahead and program it as well.  It took me a good hour to get all the parameters dialed in –there are 32 parameters just for the individual warning screen definitions alone– and another 45 minutes trying to troubleshoot an issue with the very last alarm screen: the STRTR ON warning screen (which denotes a hung-up starter) which for some inexplicable reason [at least to me] is only showing the green STRTR OK screen.  Not gonna cut the mustard!

After no joy in troubleshooting the Starter On warning screen, I emailed Rich at Aircraft Extras, Inc. to get his input on how to fix the issue.

I also whipped together a very quick video to offer a little insight into what I’m up to on these AG6 warning annunciators.  Be forewarned!  The AG6 screen colors & labels don’t show up very well.  But you’ll get the general idea nonetheless.

Ok, back to studying!

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