Chapter 22 – Taxi Light Actuator Test

Today I performed a final test for the circuit that drives the Firgelli/Actuonix L12-S mini-Actuator for the swing-down Taxi Light assembly in the nose of the aircraft.

Firgelli/Actuonix L12-S mini-Actuator for Taxi Light

I actually set this up last night and messed around with it a bit.  Unfortunately, I had one power connection off so it wasn’t working in both directions with a simple ON-OFF switch. For a bit I thought I might need a more esoteric relay along the lines of a latching relay until I found my wiring miscue.

This morning I made the correction and Voila! . . . the actuator worked like a champ with the up/down throw of a simple ON-OFF switch!  The ON-OFF switch of course mimics the blue ON-OFF push button located at the bottom front of my Infinity stick grip.

I shot a short video to show how nicely this mini-actuator works, and show a bit of the wiring behind it, including the core part of this circuit: the DPDT relay:

From here on out for the next couple of months I’ll really be focusing on getting my Instrument Rating, so I’ll most likely not be posting nearly as much.  I will be prepping and working on the wheel pants when I get a chance, but as I’ve said before, the build will be my #2 priority for the first couple of months of this year.



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