Chapter 23 – Alternator installed

I actually installed that darn alternator 3 times! But let me digress and start from the beginning…

I started out today trimming and rounding the lower aft right baffle’s outboard mounting tab.  I then copied the tab’s shape onto a scrap piece of 2024 0.032″ baffling material to cut out a reinforcement doubler for the tab.

I then drilled the screw hole and riveted the doubler into place.  Another minor yet important task complete!

I then measured out and determined the rivet spacing on the left baffle inboard side.  Once I got the spacing dialed in, I then drilled the 3 future rivet holes and Clecoed the baffle to the bracket.

I then did the same thing on the right aft lower baffle.

Here we have the aft edge alignment between the left and right aft lower baffles… I have to say I like this stylistically, and thankfully Mike incorporated it into his “Beasley Baffles.”

I then focused on getting the B&C L40 alternator installed.  It was definitely an iterative process for getting both the alternator installed (especially with the crazy amount of tightness B&C calls out for on a new belt!) and getting the aft left baffle face alternator opening trimmed for the alternator to fit in there correctly.

Well, the third time is a charm!  Here we have the actual final baffle trimming complete with the alternator installed and belt tight as can be (since it’s a new belt).  Yes, there is a bit more of a gap on the bottom side of the alternator with the baffling, but as the belt stretches and the alternator is moved down a bit to keep the slack out, I think it will all work out over time.

In addition, I got the engine-side alternator bracket bolt safety-wired as well as the left side baffle bracket screw.  I do have the alternator-side bracket bolt yet to safety-wire.

I also needed to take out the “V” between the exhaust pipes on the right side baffle outboard/aft face (skirt”) to allow clearance for the crankcase vent tube that will be nestled in between the pipes on the top side.

Also note yet another right-side baffle securing screw (just below the clecos) that secures the baffle face to the underneath Melvill bracket.

Finally, we have shots of the baffle-to-pully clearance on the left side with the alternator installed, and on the right side as well.

I’m hoping to get these baffles no-kidding installed, gooped up at the seams and perimeter sealing material attached over the next few days.

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