Chapter 23 – Dialing in baffle seals, etc.

I started out this morning with lots of assessing and planning of the aft side baffle seals.  However, I quickly discovered that I will need to work the exhaust pipes’ brackets before finalizing the configuration of the outboard baffle seals since they all need to integrate together.

Since I needed to assess the exhaust pipes configuration, I then mounted the bottom cowling.  Which also confirmed that the bottom cowling can be mounted with the top cowling in place… the order doesn’t matter.

With the bottom cowling on, I took the opportunity to mark the aft bottom baffle bulkhead for trimming (green tape).

Then, using my alignment mark on the aft edge of the bottom cowling, I set and taped the left inboard exhaust pipe into its position (see last pic below).

After a bit more assessing of the upcoming outboard baffle seals and the exhaust pipe positions, I then pulled the bottom cowling and trimmed the aft baffle bulkhead with my “Fein” saw.

I also pulled the top cowling off, marked the top cowling’s front cross reinforcement and baffle rib before trimming it with the Fein saw as well.

I cleaned up and dialed in the top baffle seals by trimming the aft seal edge on each side as well as punching a relief hole on the inboard side of each slit I made (to flatten out the seals as they’re positioned inside the top cowling).

I then removed the outboard left exhaust pipe and prepped it for cutting it in half (take 2) and resetting it so that it curves in closer and aligns more with the left inboard exhaust pipe.

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