Chapter 23 – Exhaust

Today I pulled the trigger on my exhaust system.  The exhaust had been a huge question mark on my list of things to do for a very long time.  Luckily, a quick email to Long-EZ Buildmaster Mike Beasley quickly cleared up any questions I had on Long-EZ exhaust systems.  He quickly referred me to a Long-EZ exhaust system guru, Clinton Anderson, from Custom Aircraft Parts in El Cajon, California.

Clinton and I discussed the exact type of exhaust I needed for my IOX-340S.  It came out to be fairly simple, since it’s the same exact exhaust system used on an I/O-320.  Below is the initial technical drawing he sent me.

Long-EZ ExhaustAnd here are some pics of these exhaust pipes on Mike Beasley’s fantastic Long-EZ build:

BizMan ExhaustBizMan-ExhaustBeasley Exhaust


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