Chapter 23 – Rabbit holes

Today I had a myriad of personal things to take care of early on.  When I got back to the build I really wanted to figure out some issues that I had run across when loading up the GIB headrest with components.

I had some questions for ElectroAir on their Electronic Ignition, and when I tried to call they were already closed.  When I checked out their site’s FAQ section, I noted their new requirement for mounting the MAP sensor: they now want it mounted on the cold side of the firewall, where before they stated to mount it on the hot side.  This new placement is in line with how GRT states their MAP sensor should be mounted, but throws a wrench in the works as far as how I have my MAP system configured…. so back to the drawing board.  Literally.

I didn’t want to just write a note and deal with this later, since the information I was collecting was all right in front of me.  I spent a few hours researching configuration options, figuring out fittings, and the physical install on each side of the firewall.  The end result was a couple of respective orders for very specific fittings (restrictor & barb), and an entirely new look of my MAP system by the time I was done.  In fact, below is a shot showing my MAP system about a year ago (top) and what it looks like now (bottom diagram).

In addition, although I don’t have a pic for this, I also spent a good hour updating my firewall components and pass-thru diagram, which has changed significantly from a year ago as well.

In prep for Rough River this year, I sent a note to Mike Beasley, Long-EZ builder extraordinaire, asking if he could bring his O-320 engine baffle templates he created a few years ago.  He had said I could get a copy, so I figured now was a good time.  Mike actually had soft copies of his templates, sent me those and I immediately went down to Staples and had them printed off.

Here’s a closer shot of Mike’s engine baffle templates.

While I was at it, I loaded up pg A14 of the plans on my thumb drive to have it printed as well.  I need to dial in and refine the shape of the rather rough-cut ribs that I have in my Strake Leading Edge kit from Feather Light.

I have to say all the copies came out about as perfect as could be from what I can tell (there are tick marks on pg. A14 and it did print out spot on).  With my manifold pressure system issues put to bed, I can now move on with the build and get back to my internal cockpit configuration tasks.




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