Chapter 24 – GIB Armrest

Today I started by checking last night’s layups on the GIB left inside armrest layup & the layup for the nose tool box lid.

Armrest & tool box lid layups cured

I pulled the peel ply on the nose tool box lid layup and was glad to see that the layup looked good.

Tool box lid layup cured

Here are few more shots of the tool box lid at different angles.

Tool box lid layupTool box lid layupTool box lid layup

I then got to work on the final piece that needs to be glassed on the GIB left armrest extension.  I drew up what I wanted as the profile outline.

Shaping GIB armrest front edgeThen cut the foam & shaped it a bit.

Shaping GIB armrest front edge

Shaping GIB armrest front edge

I then sanded a nice round over on the lower edge and the adjoining glass to transition it nicely in prep for glass.

Shaping GIB armrest front edge

It took a bit of effort, and a few choice words to finally get the lid pried off the protective tape I had covered the top of the tool box with.  I needed to get the lid off so that I could consolidate my glassing efforts.

Tool box lid ready for trim

Here’s a shot of the big layups in action!  To the left you can see I have a ply of BID laid up on the front edge of the GIB left console.  In the middle I have a few prepreg setups ready to get laid up on the inside of the tool box.  In fact, after these layups, all the interior tool box layups are complete.

Glassing inside tool box & GIB armrest

The shot below was taken a few hours later after I knife trimmed the internal tool box layups and pulled the peel ply.  I did a quick trim job on the tool box lid and wanted to see how it looked installed.

Tool box lid test fit

Below is the shot of the final glassed extension on the GIB left side armrest.  Yes, it looks a tad rough, but once it’s cleaned up and finished it will look stunningly normal! 

Gnarly GIB extension layup(s)

I do have some details on the nose tool box that I still need to work, but for the most part tomorrow I really do plan on starting back on the full-on canard & elevator install.



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