Chapter 24 – Hell hole corners

I started out today trimming the inside right Hell Hole wall/corner/floor layup and pulling the peel ply.  It’s not the prettiest layup on this bird, but everywhere I looked it came out nice and solid.

Here’s the aft side where the interior right Hell Hole wall intersects with the front face of the firewall.

Before I proceeded any further on enclosing the Hell Hole with foam and glass, I figured I needed to run the Nick Ugolini Princeton Long-EZ fuel tank probe wires from the Hell Hole up (again, down in this configuration) into the CS spar.  Even with the bird inverted and most of the Hell Hole open it took me about 45 minutes to run the right side wire, whereas it only took 3 minutes to run the left.

I then built the form over on the left side of the fuselage to fill in below (above as situated here) the gear leg and create the left side lower “corner” wall for the Hell Hole.

Here’s another shot of the left side form, from the outside.

I then filled it up with pour foam.

And removed the forms a bit later.


Here’s the lower left side Hell Hole “corner” foam in its initial state.

I then cut, sanded and filed both the inside and outside of this freshly poured foam.

And then laid up a ply of BID, in 5 pieces… so there were a number of overlaps.

Here’s a final shot of the lower Hell Hole “corner” glassed on the interior.  Note that I peel plied from the inboard edge outward with a 2″ wide strip.

I then left the layup to cure overnight.

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