Chapter 25 – Finishing Tools

Today I drilled the U-channel on the Harbor Freight handle base to allow me to mount it to the bridge sander.  Before I bolted it all together though, I trimmed the inboard edges of the two cross supports at a sharp angle, and trimmed down the height of the U-channel brackets that hold the handle in place so that there would be no interference by the handle of the sander’s operation.

After all that was done, I bolted it all together and tested it out.  Looks like it will work great!

As you may be able to tell in the pics, I mounted some 32 grit peel-n-stick sandpaper to the bottom plate, and it fit just about as perfect as it can get.

Thus, the bridge sander construction is complete and this baby is operational!

I then got to work on constructing the micro spreader.  I cleaned up all the brackets by filing down the edges.  I then measured, drilled and mounted the brackets to the micro spreader base with 2 aluminum rivets at each bracket.

In this shot below you should get a decent shot of the rivets that are holding the brackets to the base.

Here’s the underside of the spreader base, with the 2 rivets per bracket visible.

It’s a bit late and I didn’t want to make any more loud noises building this thing, so I called it a night and mocked up the micro spreader to see what it will look like when I finish it tomorrow.

That’s all for now folks . . .


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