Chapter 25 – Why, I love sanding!!

My first task of the day was to knock out the final major sanding of the bottom cowling…

And yes, as always there are few minor things to clean up before I lay down some primer on this beast.

I then got to work on the RAM air scoop/hell hole hatch cover and sanded it in prep for epoxy wiping . . .

Which I rolled right into.  I only did 3 total wipes spaced out about 2.5 hours apart, using West 206 (slow) hardener.

I then did the major sanding on the epoxy wiped nose top hatch door and the belly video camera mount.  I sanded these outside in the dark [with lights on, still not great lighting] and realized I got them both to about 90% done.  I’ll work them both again just a bit tomorrow to finish them up in prep for primer.

And with that, I called it a night.


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