Chapter 7 – Errands & Preparation

I got a late start tonight because I went to the German equivalent of Lowe’s, Praktiker, versus the German version of Home Depot, Hornbach.  And yes, they are even Blue vs Orange.  By the time I got home it was past 10 PM and I wasn’t going to test the local noise ordinance, so I went into planning mode.

I planned out, and then drew the lines for the Nylaflow rudder cable conduit runs on the side of the fuselage.  I then traced the ‘S’ curve onto trace paper for templates.  I had some spare particle board from a cheap shoe rack that was damaged in the move, so I used those pieces to glue the templates to using 3M’s 77 spray adhesive.  I would cut those out first thing the next day (Saturday).

Since I would be in wood working mode, I also quickly designed and set up cuts on some particle board I had shipped over to make a UNI glass stand to use when glassing the fuselage.  Once the stand is built, I can simply bring a whole roll of UNI out to the garage and cut right off the roll as I need it.

Knowing that I was going to be installing the brackets for the seat belts in the not-too-distant future, I marked up a 2024T3 aluminum angle piece for all 4 seatbelt brackets for the interior of the fuselage.  I planned to cut those as soon as I got the chance.

Lastly, in prep for the upcoming fuselage skinning, I put together a small metal workbench about 20″ deep by about 30″ wide with a top bench surface and two shelves for my garage shop epoxy station.  The time was coming where I would need to make a lot of epoxy, micro and flox without hauling it out to the garage from the shop inside the house.


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