I’m here . . . still kicking!

As I mentioned in my update post, since I’ve been back I’ve been swamped with a number of “maintenance” type tasks both on the build and in my personal life.

Starting out, normally when I head south for a few days I take an hour or so each night and update my website by parsing out all my blog posts into the respective build log chapters. Well, as you may have noticed, with all the cold weather we’ve been having here I have been focusing mainly on the electrical system.  Ok, so when I tried to get into my electrical system web page it came back with a fatal error since the size allocation for the page wasn’t enough to edit it!  In addition, WordPress had just come out with another version update and I wanted a good site backup before I did the WordPress update.  In short, it was just too much of a hassle for me to mess around with while I was gone.

When I got back I researched what I needed to do to update the page size allocation limit. I logged into the server, did a site backup and then proceeded to hack into some root directory files to allow me to up the page size allocation limit.  Once that was done, I could then finally get into my Chapter 22 – Electrical System page to edit it.  My edit actually consisted of taking a good amount of the content and parsing it out to other pages, some already existing, and a number that I just created.  Once I did that, I then proceeded to do my normal updates.  To be certain, all this together was no small feat (since I had been remiss in doing any updates in the past 2 months) and all told it took over 12 hours, over a couple days to knock out.  Yes, it’s not specific airplane building stuff, but it should be the last major reorg of my site before this plane is flying.

In addition, since I’ve been back, I also updated my GRT Mini-X’s software and downloaded all the new Seattle Avionics chart and approach plate data.  Plus, I updated a few checklists on the HXr.

As you can see, it’s been a very data-centric past few days.  But with all that behind me, I updated my task/to-do list and I’m ready to get to it.

BTW, I spoke with my engine guy and I we should be figuring out when to finish this darn thing in next week or two.

Finally, the weather should be getting warmer here in the next week, so I will start slowly getting back into shop mode.  There are some electrical tasks I want to finish up, but I’ll probably work those for a few days and then start multitasking between those and shop tasks.


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