Wow, talk about getting it in under the wire!  Before I placed my order with Larry & Mike at Feather Lite, I had to know for certain whether they could deliver by the end of June.  I wasn’t sure when I placed my Feather Lite order when the movers were picking up my household stuff to ship to Germany, but I figured it may be late June.  Luckily, I was wrong.  Still, God Bless ’em, delays set in and I didn’t get my Feather Lite stuff delivered until AFTER the movers had picked up Household Goods!!!  I figured I would have to go through the goat rope of getting a subsequent shipment set up… not fun and tons of paperwork, power-of-attorney, etc.  Doable, just a lot of pain.


Today, Monday, 30 hours before I get on the plane to Germany, I got a call from the shipping receiving warehouse down near Quantico, VA, and they say that my stuff is HERE!  Since I’ve already shipped my vehicle, I call up my buddy Dickie and ask him to borrow him and his truck.  Luckily, he’s available.  I also call my moving company and they (thank God!) aren’t shipping my household stuff out until tomorrow, so I can still get this stuff crated up.  We run down to the terminal, pick up the Feather Lite Order (which consists of the three HUGE boxes and the main landing gear bow) and get it to the moving company to be packed and shipped.

Feather Lite Order Delivery

Yes, my friends!  Talk about the skin of your teeth!

The three crates show above from left to right are two boxes of cut/shaped blue foam, the carbon fiber cowling, and the main gear bow (at the front of the truck bed).  Below is a breakout of this order from Feather Lite:

  • Wing Cores
  • Upper Winglets
  • Lower Winglets
  • Roncz Canard
  • Roncz Elevators
  • Carbon Fiber Cowling (upper & lower)
  • Main Gear Bow

A few people have asked me why I didn’t go with Eureka CNC for my wing cores, if I was going to buy them vs. make them.  Well, the answer is that I tried to.  Although Eureka costs a bit more, Steve was also in the midst of a military move when I needed my cores and he just couldn’t meet my timeline.

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