Need MORE build space . . .

Ok, while it’s nice to have all my tools back on hand and available to use, my garage work shop is much more crowded than it was in my other house in Virginia.  The simple cause for my work space woes is that at my old house I had a nice 10×10 ft shed that I kept all my woodworking saws and tools in.  At this house I have no shed, yet.  The issue here is that the HOA folks won’t allow me to put in a normal sized shed.  Soooo, after a bit of research I decided to install a plastic slide top storage unit and build a smaller shed out of leftover materials that I ironically pulled out of my shed located at my other house (which is currently rented out).

Thus, my shed projects begin… all to allow build space for the Long-EZ!

The first order of business for the plastic shed was to build a stable base on uneven ground.  Luckily I had plenty of 5/4 board for the top, but I had to buy a few pressure treated 2×6’s for the base.  After those were on hand I set to work building the base:

Tool Storage Shed Base I finished right about 8 pm, the bewitching hour that I prefer not to arouse the neighbors’ ire with saws buzzing and nail guns blasting.  Here’s the finished base:

Plastic storage shed base

Once that was completed, I was now at the EZ part which actually putting the shed together… this took all of about 30 minutes.

Tool Storage Shed

Finally, I spent another good 5 days off and on building the smaller, yet taller, shed underneath the deck.  Here’s a shot of it before the final paint went on:


Huzzah!  Now I finally have places for my woodworking tools and space in my garage to build the Long-EZ.


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