Pre-trip Hangar “Inventory”

I’m leaving for the west coast tomorrow and before I depart I thought it might be a good idea to get pics of all the major Long-EZ airframe components in the hangar. God forbid something should go awry like a hangar door falling over or what have you, but I figured better prudent and have some pre-trip pics to the show the insurance company worse case. Moreover, with part of the doors ripped off I’m relying on the airport fence/gate to protect all my stuff. Again, figured good to have pics if anything goes missing.

These are all pics I’ve posted before, and nothing overwhelmingly different or new in regards to the build. I just have them so thought I’d post ’em!

You may note that I replaced the plastic canopy cover after it dried out. These pics are the current state of my hangar as I head out for the next few weeks.

The canard is to the left, still with its protective cardboard sleeves in place from the move.

On top of the canard are the strake leading edges that are the main part of the Feather Light kit I bought from Nate Mullins.

In recent prior posts you could see the upper and lower cowling halves up on top of the small shed just behind the fuselage. I took those back to the house since they were a bit too pricey and easily removed to be left unattended at the hangar. Same goes for the wheel pants and the baggage pods.

Here’s the last shot of the fuselage . . . just cause.

And here are a couple shot of the wings.

Again, I’m just very grateful that there was no damage.

Ok, I’m outta here on my west coast visit… hopefully I’ll have more to report soon!

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