Project move update

I thought I’d provide a quick update on my project move down to North Carolina.

I’m not sure if I reported it, but I had previously removed and taken my GNS480 GPS down to NC on my last trip down.  This time around, after updating some new software on the HXr and Mini-X EFISs, including NAV databases and approach charts, I removed them and packed them up in their original shipping boxes.

In addition, I also removed the Trio Pro Pilot autopilot, TruTrak ADI, Vertical Compass Card and Radenna SkyRadar-DX ADS-B receiver from the panel as well and packed them up for their trip south.

Along with a bunch of the panel components, I also packed up a good majority of parts, consumables and hardware for the build and hauled them down to NC.  As for major components (read: big), in this load I also loaded up the left wing and the wing dolly, which are shown below with the fuselage in front of my NC storage unit.

And here are a couple different angle shots of the left wing and fuselage stowed inside my NC storage unit.

You may note that in the pic below you can clearly see my mini-lathe attached to the workbench that was formerly the fuselage dolly.  As an aside, below the lathe is the EVO Harley-Davidson motor for my custom chopper motorcycle project that I actually started before the Long-EZ (and which I’ll finish after I finish the Long-EZ!).

Again, just a quick update on the move….


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