Qatar Build … Signing Off

The movers are coming today to pick up my stuff to haul back to the states as I head for my new digs back in DC.  That means I’ll be without my desktop computer, my 11×17 inch printer and a number of my build binders for a while.

CAD station

Of course I’ve spent a fair amount of time backing up all my build files, CAD drawings, etc. to ensure I have them with me and nothing gets lost.  I’ve also printed out hard copies of my electrical system diagrams and sent those via snail mail back to the states as well.

Below is another shot of my “CAD/website development station” that I’ve used for the past year to build this web site and work as much of the project as I could since I of course didn’t have access to the physical airplane pieces parts.


For those of you who may think that I might just be exaggerating a bit about the space that I’ve been working out of for the past year, and that I probably really could have slid in a few glass layups in here or there, check out the digs that I’ve managed with for the past year.

Planning CellMad Scientists LairAnd I thought the 1-car garage in Germany was small!  … sheesh!


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